Get Tehama County's Shopper Savings!

Tehama County Shopper

Get Tehama County's Shopper Savings!

Tehama County Shopper


Latest Savings!

The Tehama County Shopper delivers local customers to boost business sales and service!

In our latest Tehama County Shopper, we bring you the newest discounts offered! Exciting sales and services  related to your community. Stay up to date on savings by utilizing coupons and sales in Red Bluff, Corning, Los Molinos, Gerber, Paynes Creek, Mineral and more! 

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What's Going On in Tehama County


We not only focus on the big savings from the North State, but also on the activities and events that matter to our community. In our "What's Going on in Tehama County"  section, you can read about events, activities, fund raiswers and school activities in our local area. Let us know of a local activity or event  you think we should feature!

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Advertising In Tehama County

Advertise in the Tehama County Shopper and Generate more business in Red Bluff and Corning!

Are you a business owner from the North State that would like to reach the citizens of Tehama County? The Tehama County Shopper reaches 20,000 households, sends out 50,000 emails a month and uses social media marketing to drive traffic to our customers!


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This is a quarterly program that includes print, email and social media marketing. It is designed to be affordable so that small to medium companies can compete in their local market and build up their business sales and services.

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